I’ve always loved photography; my passion for photography came as soon as I knew what a picture was. . . from a very young age. I was always the one carrying around a camera snapping pictures. I loved taking pictures of everything. . . you name it, I was there — camera in hand.

My life has been “eclectic”.  I chose to attend Ball State University for their theatre program, enrolled in their architecture program, then decided to pursue my dream job as a marine mammal trainer and graduated with a biology degree in 2005.  While at the zoo, I began working side jobs with video and photography and in 2007, had enough money from those jobs to begin pursing photography as a career. Along side my husband, Lee, we began the adventure together and now work together as a husband and wife team!  After the birth of our first daughter in early 2010, I left the wet-suits, dolphins, and walrus kisses to focus on mother-hood and continue running my photography business full-time.

Every time I shoot there is something different, special, and unique to each couple and family. I work hard to be sure that my images reflect that. At your session or on the day of your wedding, expect to just do the things you would normally do in any other day of your life. Play, laugh, giggle, and just have fun! Years from now, I want you to be able to look back at these photographs and remember that very special day in your life and the moments that were captured. I want to showcase every kiss, every milestone, every laugh and every tear. . . just the way you would want it to be remembered.